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Social Media Package

We customize & repurpose your videos for all platforms, including:

1. YouTube Edit

We edit your clips into a complete YouTube Video Edit with motion graphics, animations, sound effects, and more. We are experts at gaining attention, now you can be too.


Customized to your brand, we add titles, subtitles, play-bars, motion graphics and more. This is a 'must' for Instagram.

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We are experts at gaining attention with video, now you can too.
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Who can benefit from a Social Media Package?

YouTubers, entrepreneurs, brands, and companies looking to gain greater engagement. Our Social Media Package is providing a 7-12x increase in engagement compared to posting on one platform.

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A better approach to video editing.

Saving you time, and creating better videos. Learn more about our services.

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Save you time.

No longer do you need to spend 20+ hours every month editing your videos or searching for the right freelancer. We provide high-quality edits every time.

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Unlimited revisions, quick delivery time, and file sizes are what others charge an arm and leg for... we don't.
For one low investment, we cover it all.

Social Media Package

Your target market is everywhere, and they are using all platforms -- gain ATTENTION using our famous Social Media Package.

Communication is key.

We partner with you to create the best video content possible. You can look forward to amazing video edits plus pointers on how to improve.

Free guides to boost your brand.

Helping you in all ways to save time and create better videos. Take a look at our free guides.

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You have videos but you don't have time. We can save you hours of editing and the headache of trying to find a good editor -- someone you trust, who delivers quality videos, and someone who doesn't break the bank.

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